Top Decades Music Playlists

50's Throwback
53':48"21 tracks
60's Throwback
01:08':26"18 tracks
70's Throwback
01:42':07"23 tracks
80's Throwback
02:32':06"34 tracks
90's Throwback
01:32':50"19 tracks
90s To 00s Hip Hop
01:08':07"18 tracks
Eurovision Winners 1956-2017
02:02':49"40 tracks
Most Streamed Of The Decade
03:05':44"50 tracks
Old Skool Metal!
04:04':07"48 tracks
Pre 1950's
01:06':48"20 tracks
That Funky Music
01:40':09"22 tracks
Top Classical Pieces Of All Time
03:24':20"29 tracks