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... read moreGerman composer Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706) is best known for his Canon in D, but he was one of the most significant organists in the years leading up to Johann Sebastian Bach. Born in Nuremburg, Pachelbel gained his first significant position in Vienna in 1673. Working in Eisenach brought...

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Johann Pachelbel
Canon In D Major
Johann Pachelbel
Canon In D
Johann Pachelbel
Canon And Gigue In D Major: I. Canon
Johann Pachelbel
Pachelbel Canon
Johann Pachelbel
Pachelbel Canon In D Major - Johann Pachelbel - Canon And Gigue For Three Violins And Basso Continuo In D Major


Country Of origin: Germany

A German organist, important predecessor of Bach, and composer of organ, sacred vocal, and chamber music. Pachelbel was a gifted vocal composer and a pioneer in "word printing" -- correspondences in notational symbolism to the meaning of the words, such as in his motet Durch Adams Fall ("Through Adam's Fall"), which contains a falling figure in the bassline. ~ Mary K. Scanlan~ Rovi

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