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... read moreInfamous for ushering in the bubblegum pop era, the Lemon Pipers formed in 1966 out of the ashes of two Oxford, Ohio garage outfits. While the newly christened Lemon Pipers preferred a rougher hewn guitar psychedelia, producers Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz groomed them for pop stardom within...

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The Lemon Pipers
Green Tambourine
The Lemon Pipers
Green Tambourine (New Stereo Version)
The Lemon Pipers
Rice Is Nice
The Lemon Pipers
Rainbow Tree
The Lemon Pipers
Blueberry Blue


Active: 1960s
Country Of origin: United States of America

The Lemon Pipers included singer Ivan Browne, guitarist Bill Bartlett, keyboardist R.G. Nave, bassist Steve Walmsley, and drummer William Albaugh. The group is best known for its number one bubblegum hit "Green Tambourine" and several follow-ups, all written by the team of Paul Leka and Shelley Pinz. The Lemon Pipers actually wanted to play more psychedelic music; they only recorded "Green Tambourine" because their label would have dropped them had they refused. They eventually got the artistic control they wanted and ended up dropping off the charts for good with their first self-produced album. They broke up in 1969, with Bartlett joining Ram Jam. ~ Steve Huey~ Rovi

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