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... read moreSpanish duo Antonio Romero Monge and Rafael Ruiz began their musical partnership in the 1960s, but found international fame as Los del Rio in the '90s. Their composition "Macarena" was first released in 1993 and became a hit in Spain, but after an English-language remix by the Bayside Boys in 1995...

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Los del Río
Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)
Los del Río
Sevilla Tiene Un Color Especial
Los del Río
Se Te Nota En La Mirada
Los del Río
San Sereni
Los del Río
Tocalo, Tocalo


Active: 1990s-2010s
Country Of origin: Spain
Group Members: Antonio Romero

Spawning one of the hottest dance crazes of the '90s, the duo of Antonio Romeo Monge and Rafael Ruiz released "Macarena" in 1993, but had to wait almost three years for the song to become a worldwide hit. Monge and Ruiz had recorded Spanish flamenco-pop as Los del Rio for decades, and were inspired to record "Macarena" by a dancer they saw in Venezuela. The single was originally released in April 1993 on a Spanish label, and became a hit in that country. Los del Rio's popularity sparked a special concert for the Pope, and prompted the BMG label to license an American dance-club version in 1994. The single -- remixed by the Bayside Boys -- hit the U.S. charts in 1995, but stalled at number 45 in December. Continued club play and a steady buzz surrounded the single, and it ascended to number one in July 1996. It locked the top spot for 14 weeks -- the rest of the summer and most of the fall -- and eventually sold over four million copies. The dance was a staple in baseball parks as well as dance clubs, making "Macarena" the biggest single of 1996. Baila followed in 1999. ~ John Bush~ Rovi

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