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... read moreLondon-based punk trio Snuff were formed in 1986, and they shone with a hectic mixture of implausibly fast guitars and exquisite melodies. The band soon created their own niche in a British music scene sorely lacking the hardcore hardware to rival the host of angry American bands. Next to their own...

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The Snuff
The Snuff
Boxed In
The Snuff
Life Essence
The Snuff
Erotic Sylvia
The Snuff

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Active: 1980s-2010s
Country Of origin: England

Unhappy with what they were hearing on BBC Radio, the members of Snuff got together in 1986 with the intention of "taking the piss out" of mainstream music and to have a little fun. With the original line-up consisting of Simon on guitar, Andy on bass, and Duncan on drums/vocals (last names unavailable), Snuff shot around England for three years before Workers Playtime released their first album, entitled Snuff Said, in 1989. Recognized for their high-energy pop-punk and thrash version of the Hendrix classic "Purple Haze" -- which was evidence of their all-around lack of seriousness -- Snuff started to gain a global following in Europe, the United States, and Japan during the early '90s. With trombone player Dan added to their line-up, the Flibbiddydibbiddydob EP, featuring silly instrumentals and familiar cover songs, was released on the same label.

Their own 10 Past 12 Records released their third full-length, Reach, in 1992; the CD would eventually be distributed in America through Olympia's K Records. However, following the release of their live album Kilburn National 27.11.90 during the same year, the members of Snuff went their separate ways to concentrate on other projects. Duncan moved from drums to guitar and vocals to form the highly acclaimed Guns N' Wankers and guitarist Simon played drums in Your Mum long enough to crank out two EPs, while Andy jammed and recorded with the legendary Leatherface for two albums. This hiatus went on for three years before Snuff re-formed in 1995 with newly added keyboardist Lee M. and guitarist Loz (formerly the axeman for Your Mum).

Their "comeback" record, Demmamussabebonk, was released in 1996 to satisfied, welcoming ears. Another album of cover songs called Potatoes & Melons Wholesale Process Straight Up from the Lock was released in 1997, this time with another Lee, who took over the role of bassist. Showing no signs of slowing down, they released their fourth album, Tweet Tweet My Lovely, in late 1998; Numb Nuts followed in the spring of 2000 and Blue Gravy: Phase 9 appeared in spring 2001. The next Snuff release came in the form of the double-disc greatest-hits and B-sides/rarities compilation Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other: 1986-2002 in August 2005. ~ Mike DaRonco~ Rovi

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