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... read moreGerman-born Friedrich Kuhlau (1786-1832) is best known as a prolific composer of facile and intermediate music for the piano. Blind in one eye owing to a childhood accident, Kuhlau's career as a pianist nevertheless began when he was 18. In 1810, Kuhlau permanently settled in Copenhagen and entered...

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Friedrich Kuhlau
Sonatine In C Major Op.20-1 1 Allegro
Friedrich Kuhlau
Sonatine In C Major Op.20-1 2 Andante
Friedrich Kuhlau
Sonatine In C Major Op.20-1 3 Rondo. Allegro
Friedrich Kuhlau
Sonatine In F Major Op.55-4 2 Andantino Con Espressione
Friedrich Kuhlau
Divertissement No. 6


Country Of origin: Germany

Kuhlau was Danish composer and pianist of German birth. He is one of the foremost representatives of the late Classical and early Romantic periods in Demark. He studied theory in Hamburg with C.F.G. Schwenke, Kantor of the Catherinenkirche. When Napoleon invaded Hamburg in 1810, Kuhlau escaped to Copenhagen and earned a living as a pianist and composer. In 1811 he performed at the Royal Theatre, and two years later he was appointed court chamber musician. He was chorus master of the Royal Theatre in 1816-17. In 1821 and 1825 he travelled to Vienna where he met Beethoven and exchanged impromptu canons with the composer. He was made an honorary professor in 1828. A house fire in 1832 destroyed all of his unpublished works, including a second piano concerto. Kuhlau suffered a chest ailment as a result of the fire and never recovered. Kuhlau is best known for his piano works, especially his sonatas, which are fairly easy to play but show the instrument in it's best light. These are often used in the teaching repertoire. He was also a composer of dramatic and vocal works. His most important of these is the incidental music to Heiberg's national play Elverhoj, produced in 1828 and still the most frequently performed work at the Royal Theatre. His piano Concerto is another of his most famous works, and Kuhlau was also known for his ability to write canons and as a teacher of young composers. ~ Lynn Vought~ Rovi

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