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... read moreLuigi Nono (1924-1990) was an Italian serialist composer who, with Luciano Berio and Bruno Maderna, also participated in explorations of electronic music. Noted for his strong political interests, including active membership in the Communist Party, Nono attempted to radicalize European music, and...

Key songs

Luigi Nono
A Floresta Éjovem E Cheja De Vida (1965-66) [Remastered] (Remastered)
Luigi Nono
La Fabbrica Illuminata (1964) [Remastered] (Remastered)
Luigi Nono
A Carlo Scarpa, Architetto, Ai Suoi Infiniti Possibili (1984) Per Orchestra In Microintervalli
Luigi Nono
Post-Prae-Ludium No. 3 Babarr (1987) For Tuba And Live Electronics
Luigi Nono
Fragmente - Stille, An Diotima (1979-1980) For String Quartet


Active: 1950s-1980s
Country Of origin: Italy

Italian composer in the 12-tone or atonal style, whose work encompasses many forms, including opera and electronic music. Many fundamental works by Nono are out of print -- "y su sangre ya viene cantando (And Even Your Blood Comes Singing)," for flute, strings, and percussion, from Epitaffio per Garcia Lorca ("Epitaph for Garcia Lorca," RCA Victrola VICS 1313, 1968); the choral settings of texts by Cesare Pavese; and the operas Intolleranze ("Intolerance," 1960, which attacks segregation, the bomb, and Nazism); Al Gran Sole Carico d'Amore ("To the Great Sun Charged with Love," 1975, about the Paris Commune of 1871). ~ Blue Gene Tyranny~ Rovi

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