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... read moreNew Orleans R&B singer Gary U.S. Bonds had a major hit in the early 1960s with "Quarter to Three," but quickly faded into obscurity. One man who never forgot Bonds was Bruce Springsteen, who made "Quarter to Three" a staple of his live set and oversaw the release of Bonds's 1981 comeback album...

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Gary U.S Bonds
Quarter To Three
Gary U.S Bonds
New Orleans
Gary U.S Bonds
School Is Out
Gary U.S Bonds
Dear Lady Twist
Gary U.S Bonds
Twist Twist Senora


Active: 1960s-2000s
Country Of origin: United States of America

After moving to the Norfolk, VA, area in the mid-'50s, young Gary Anderson began plying his vocal wares, first in church, later with a local group called the Turks. When he was not yet 21, he was approached by local record producer Frank Guida to join his tiny Legrand label. Guida changed Anderson's name to U.S. Bonds, hoping the first release would get extra airplay by disc jockeys mistaking it for a public-service announcement. The result was the classic "New Orleans," combining rock-combo raunch with impassioned, scorched soul-singing that set the stage for all that would follow. Guida double- and triple-tracked Bonds' voice and the resulting murky production gave all the hits (including "Quarter to Three," "School Is Out," and "Dear Lady Twist") a party-in-outer-space quality all their own. Though he kept recording, making a couple of excellent solo albums in the early '80s with the help of Bruce Springsteen, Bonds is best seen today dotting the landscape of oldies shows the world over, singing the songs that made him famous. ~ Cub Koda~ Rovi

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