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... read moreJohann Jacob Froberger (1616-1667) was a German composer and harpsichord virtuoso of the early Baroque era who traveled widely across Europe and adopted many of the current techniques and styles. Froberger spent much of his career at the Viennese court, though he ventured to Italy to study with...

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Johann Jacob Froberger
Johann Jacob Froberger
Suite In G Minor: Gigue
Johann Jacob Froberger
Suite In G Minor: Sarabande
Johann Jacob Froberger
Tocade In G
Johann Jacob Froberger
Suite In G Minor: Courante


Country Of origin: Germany

German harpsichordist and composer, student of Frescobaldi and resident of Vienna. Froberger's published output is quite small, but manuscripts survive for more than thirty harpsichord suites in a highly personal idiom. He is accorded a prominent place in history for his early writing of established suites of dances, and for his cosmopolitan unification of the various compositional styles of the time. Besides studying in Italy, Froberger spent time in France where he met many of the prominent composers of the time. His music often exhibits a deep melancholy, expressed in simple counterpoint with a beautiful array of sonorities. ~ Todd McComb~ Rovi

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