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... read moreFans became so loyal to Chalk FarM (the capital M has no significance) that they tried to find ways of sending messages to the band after their Internet site was shut down. The Los Angeles-based alternative rock quartet was originally formed as a duo in the early ‘90s by Michael Duff (vocals, guitar) and Orlando Sims (vocals, bass). However, Duff and Sims weren't content with the group's minimal sound; in 1995, they added Toby Scarbrough (drums) and Trace Ritter (guitar) to give the band more power. Columbia Records signed the group in December 1995. A year later the group released Notwithstanding, an album of accessible guitar rock that drew comparisons to the acoustic pop of Toad the Wet Sprocket. But public indifference prevented the LP from being profitable for Columbia, and no amount of critical acclaim could save the band from the axe that eventually fell down. After being dropped by Columbia, Duff created the independent label TIC Records. The group recorded Three 2's for TIC (the initials stand for The Inner Circle), promoting it mainly to their devoted cult following via the Internet. On Jan. 31, 2000, Chalk FarM, disillusioned with the music industry, called it quits. Duff became a solo artist. ~ Michael Sutton

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