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... read moreEarly Baroque composer Tarquinio Merula (ca. 1594-1665) spent most of his career in Cremona and Bergamo as organist and director of musical activities of churches and cathedrals. His vocal music bears similarities to that of Monteverdi, but like Giovanni Gabrieli, Merula moved away from polyphony...

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Maria - Via Crucis
Tarquinio Merula
Tarquinio Merula
Cantate Jubilate
Tarquinio Merula
Tarquinio Merula
La Cattarina
Tarquinio Merula


Country Of origin: Italy

Tarquinio Merula was an organist and composer who worked in Cremona, Lodi and for the Polish court of Sigismund III. He returned to Cremona to hold an organist post there and between 1631-1632 and 1638-1646 he also served in Bergamo. It is important to appreciate Merula as both a progressive composer and as an accomplished composer who knew theory lucidly and enigmatically. He published numerous volumes of sacred music and his concertos were meritoriously comparable to those of Monteverdi. The vocal music which Merula composed was comparable to those compositions by Giovanni Gabrieli. His secular compositions included scores for madrigals, monodies and dialogues. Instrumental music included arrangements of ensemble canzonas and keyboard music. His opera "La finta savia," was staged in Venice in 1643 and written in collaboration with five other composers including Filiberto Laurenzi, Arcangelo Crivelli, Alessandro Leardini, Vincenzo Torri and Benedetto Ferrari. ~ Keith Johnson~ Rovi