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... read moreMichael Praetorius (1571-1621) was a German composer of the late Renaissance known for composing over 1,000 sacred choral works published as Musae Sionae and a smaller collection of instrumental dances titled Terpsichore. Praetorius came from a devout Lutheran background, which informed his decision...

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Michael Praetorius
Eight Dances For Four Guitars - Volta
Michael Praetorius
Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen
Michael Praetorius
Gagliarde Iii
Michael Praetorius
Gagliarde Iv
Michael Praetorius
Omnis Mundus Jocundetur


Country Of origin: Germany

One of the most significant German composers of his time, whose Musae Sioniae, a collection of over 1200 settings of Lutheran chorales, is a valuable source for hymnology. A three-volume treatise by Praetorius, Syntagma Musicum, has significant information about the compositional style and instruments of his day. ~ Mary K. Scanlan~ Rovi

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