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... read moreBlind Dutch recorder virtuoso, carilloneur, and composer Jacob van Eyck (ca. 1590-1657) created one of the major monuments to Western recorder music with his publication Der fluten Lust-Hof (1644). It is said to be the largest single instrument folio in history, containing 144 sets of variations on...

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Pavane Lachrimae
Jacob van Eyck
Fantasie & Echo
Jacob van Eyck
Stil, Stil Ereis
Jacob van Eyck
Doen Daphne D'over Schoone Maeght
Jacob van Eyck
Wel Jan...&
Jacob van Eyck


Country Of origin: Netherlands

"Euterpe" and "Der fluyten lust-hof" were the important musical collections and compositions of this composer, carilloner and recordist. The latter was a collection of 144 descant recorder works comprised of variations and melodies (some of the strains were borrowed from the Genevan Psalter). Eyck also realized that there was a direct correlation between the shape of a bell and its overtone sequences. If the bell was properly shaped the pure overtone series could be achieved. ~ Keith Johnson~ Rovi