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... read moreAntonio de Cabezón (ca. 1510-1566) was the first "mystic" Spanish organist and one of the first prolific composers of music for keyboard instruments. Blind from an early age, from 1525 Cabezón was the resident organist in Queen Isabella's private chapel and after her death in 1539 became part of the...

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Antonio de Cabezón
Pavane With Variations
Antonio de Cabezón
Canción Religiosa
Antonio de Cabezón
Diferencias Sobre El Canto Del Caballero
Antonio de Cabezón
Diferencias Sobre “Las Vacas”
Antonio de Cabezón
Tiento De Primer Tono Sobre La Salve


Country Of origin: Spain

Antonio was the son of aristocratic Spanish parents, born blind, and a student of organ and composition. It is clear that he was one of the greatest Spanish organists and his compositions achieved the essence of this artistic form of expression. Cabezon's works include fantasies (tientos), variation cycles (differencias), dances, canons, hymns, and versos. Musical structures, even within different genres, were diverse, imaginative, singular and challenging in the scores of Cabezon. (He would employ the original motif in later themes in the tientos and would place the cantus firmus in various voices when developing his variations.) ~ Keith Johnson~ Rovi