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... read moreFrederick Delius (1862-1934), one of the most distinctive and individualistic British composers of the early 20th century, spent most of his career abroad, finally settling in Paris. His reflective, gently lyrical music has a sound that was influenced more by international trends (particularly...

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Frederick Delius
In A Summer Garden
Frederick Delius
Prelude To Margot La Rouge
Frederick Delius
Paris: A Nocturne - The Song Of A Great City For Orchestra
Frederick Delius
To Be Sung Of A Summer Night On The Water
Frederick Delius
Sleigh Ride - Delius


Active: 1890s-1920s
Country Of origin: England

A British composer of opera, vocal, choral, orchestral, and chamber music. The ear of the young Delius was engaged, one summer night in Florida, by the sound of close-harmony Afro-American singing gently wafting over the St. John River (he had been sent to manage an orange plantation). Delius suddenly realized that his vocation was to be a musician. A romantic with the musical vocabulary of the impressionists, he wrote often-imitated but never-matched tone poems of great subtlety and beauty in a very personal style that is not reducible to a formula. ~ Blue Gene Tyranny~ Rovi

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