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... read moreCésar Franck (1822-1890) was born in Belgium but established his career as a composer and organist in France, most prestigiously at the Paris Conservatoire and at the church of Sainte-Clothilde. Franck's music was heavily influenced by Liszt and Wagner, so he favored rapid chromatic modulations...

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César Franck
Panis Angelicus
César Franck
Symphony In D Minor: Allegro Non Troppo
César Franck
Symphony In D Minor: Lento - Allegro Non Troppro
César Franck
Prelude, Chorale And Fugue For Solo Piano
César Franck
Symphony In D Minor: Allegretto, Ma Non Troppo


Country Of origin: France

A noted French organist and composer of chamber, symphonic, keyboard, and sacred choral music, whose major works include "Six Pièces" (1862) and "Les Béatitudes" (1879). In the late 1800s, when France was still in shock from war and warring factions, Franck and his pupils (d'Indy, Chausson, and others, often called "la bande à Franck") steered French composition toward symphonic and chamber music and away from the more conservative opera. Franck incorporated organ-like textures, timbres, and immense sonorities of highly chromatic adoration and idealism into his symphonic compositions, with which his graceful chamber works stand in constrast ("Sonata for Violin & Piano in a," "Variations symphoniques for Piano & Orchestra" -- his masterpiece). ~ Blue Gene Tyranny~ Rovi

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