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... read moreAlthough the career of composer and organist Jehan Alain (1911-1940) was cut short by his death at 29 in the Second World War, he is considered one of the most original and innovative voices of his generation. He wrote over 120 works, including music for piano, voice, chorus, and small ensembles...

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Jehan Alain
Luttes: Trois Danses
Jehan Alain
Joies: Trois Danses
Jehan Alain
Deuils: Trois Danses
Jehan Alain
Trois Mouvements Pour Flûte Et Orgue: Iii. Allegro Vivace
Jehan Alain
Trois Mouvements Pour Flûte Et Orgue: I. Andante


Country Of origin: France

Alain came from a family of musicians and began his musical study with organ lessons from his father, Albert Alain. He later entered the Paris Conservatoire where he studied harmony and organ for 12 years. His main emphasis was composition throughout his short life. His brilliant performance level played a large role in his inventive compositions. He was influenced by Debussy, Satie and Messiaen, creating impressionistic and imaginative pieces, mainly for keyboards. Alain was killed in action in WWII at the age of 29. ~ Lynn Vought~ Rovi