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... read moreGeorg Philipp Telemann (1683-1767) was the most celebrated composer of his era, which included Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach; he outlived them both. Telemann's output of more than 3000 extant works is the largest of any major composer in Western music, including 31 cantata cycles for the Lutheran...

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Tafelmusik, Suite No. 2 In D Major: Ii. Air (Tempo Giusto)
Georg Philipp Telemann
Concert Pour Trompette En Ré Majeur, N°2: Grave & Allegro
Georg Philipp Telemann
Concert Pour Trompette, Deux Hautbois Et Cordes: Allegro
Georg Philipp Telemann
Tafelmusik, Suite No. 2 In D Major: Vi. Conclusion
Georg Philipp Telemann
Telemann - Fantasie In E Minor, Twv 40/9: Largo - Spirituoso - Allegro: Telemann - Fantasie In E Minor, Twv 40/9: Largo - Spirituoso - Allegro
Georg Philipp Telemann


Country Of origin: Germany

A remarkably prolific, skillful, and forward-thinking German composer, one of the foremost of his day, who wrote a great many sacred and secular vocal works as well as orchestral, chamber, and keyboard music. A contemporary of Bach and Handel, Telemann shared many of their musical techniques and wrote for many of the same genres; and though his music is overshadowed by theirs, it has many charms, perhaps more evident in Telemann's modest instrumental works (of which the Suite for Flute & Strings in a is a good choice) than in his 40 operas, 600 overtures, 44 liturgical passions, and other large works. Handel said Telemann could write an eight-part motet with the ease that someone else would write a letter. ~ Blue Gene Tyranny~ Rovi

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