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... read moreComposer Amilcare Ponchielli (1834-1886), was regarded in his day to be second in importance only to Verdi in the field of Italian opera. He is remembered primarily for his opera, La Gioconda (1876), with a libretto by Arrigo Boito, which has been consistently at the core of the operatic repertoire...

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Amilcare Ponchielli
La Gioconda: Suicidio
Amilcare Ponchielli
Suicidio! - La Gioconda
Amilcare Ponchielli
Ponchielli: Dance Of The Hours
Amilcare Ponchielli
La Gioconda: Cielo E Mar!
Amilcare Ponchielli
Dance Of The Hours


Country Of origin: Italy

An Italian composer whose fame is based upon one work, La Gioconda, an opera that contains the famous "Dance of the Hours." Ponchielli also wrote band pieces, vocal chamber pieces, and music for voice and piano. ~ Mary K. Scanlan~ Rovi

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