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... read moreAnton Rubinstein (1829-1894) was a Russian composer and concert pianist, one of the most important virtuosi of the 19th century and nearly equal to Franz Liszt in repute. Rubinstein was taken under the wing of Duchess Elena Pavlovna, sister-in-law of the Tsar, who fostered his career and with him...

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Anton Rubinstein
Der Asra (Ger.)
Anton Rubinstein
Ballet Music And Wedding March From "Feramors" (Historical Recording)
Anton Rubinstein
The Sunshine On The Dew (Scala Ideal Record/ 4010)
Anton Rubinstein
Demon: Romance Of Tamara "Warm Night"
Anton Rubinstein
Melody In F


Country Of origin: Russia

Rubinstein was one of the foremost pianists during the nineteenth century. He and Liszt were often compared to one another. Anton's musical training began as a youth at his mother's side but then he studied piano with Villoing and counterpoint with Dehn during the 1840s. He toured most of the continent of Europe as well as England, the United States, Norway and Sweden, and Germany. He spent much time in Germany (where he was always considered a Russian) but returned to Russia (where he was always considered a German) in 1858. In 1859 he founded the Russian Musical Society with the grand duchess hoping to reform Russian musical education. In 1862 the St. Petersburg Conservatory was founded by Rubinstein which he directed for five years. Most of his compositions were derivative at best from the influence of Mendelssohn and Meyerbeer. Rubinstein composed approximately twenty operas including "The Demon," six symphonies the most memorable being the "Ocean," two cello concertos, ten string quartets, five piano concertos and numerous other pieces. His "Melody in F" for solo piano is his only work to receive continuous notoriety. Rubenstein's compositions were seemingly written in haste as if he were relying upon his value as a pianist to market his written music. ~ Keith Johnson~ Rovi

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